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Sound Drugs create potentially powerful moods and experiences through the use of advanced binaural sequences. Because of the mysterious nature of the human brain, we make no medical, psychological, physical, or otherwise, claims to the effectiveness of our products. Use for entertainment only.

Understand the science behind brain dosing before using. You can experience altered states of reality.

Read this for a simple explanation.

Popular Products

  • I-Doser V5 Software DOSING SOFTWARE (win + mac)

    The free-to-try sensation that started it all for personal computers. V5 gives you access to hundreds of powerfully advanced simulated experiences.

  • I-Doser Premium APP MOBILE DOSING (iphone + android)

    The Premium APP for iPhone and Android is the most advanced way to experience a simulation on-the-go. 20 included doses + 20 available in-app.

  • MP3 Dose Packs MP3 DOSING (ipod + music players)

    Our most popular doses bundled as instant-download MP3s that can be played in any digital audio player or computer, and enjoyed DRM free.